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Van Gaalen Trails

Day Permits

Hiking/ Trail running   R50

MTB                                R60

(Children under 12 are free)

Bookings only required for groups larger than 20 people.

The Van Gaalen trails cross over 30 private farms with over 80km of single-track throughout the Skeerpoort Valley. We offer opportunities for mountain biking, trail running, hiking & birding. The manicured routes are well prepared and maintained which attract many athletes to the area.

Day permits and mandatory indemnity forms are available at the Trail/Farm Shop.


Wed-Vry  08:00am-17:00pm

Sat-Sun   06:00am-17:00pm (Summer)

                07:00am-17:00pm (Winter)

Closed on Monday's & Tuesday's 


  1. Helmet, protective eye wear and cellphone are compulsory for mountainbiking.

  2. Horses have right of way, then mountain bikes

  3. No Pets/Dogs or motor bikes allowed

  4. No picnics, smoking, fire or dumping of rubbish allowed

  5. Stay on marked trail. Stay away from private grounds and houses and don’t climb over fences or make your own trail.

  6. Respect privacy and greet the landowners please

  7. Close gates if they were closed

  8. Trails are closed on race days

  9. Please report problems, blocked routes or anything strange.

  10. Right of admission reserved

  11. Use of trails only with permit and signed indemnity form

For any trails queries, please contact Victor Schipper at 0835603318 or

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Trail Maps 2023

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Our Trails


10km Yellow Route

Distance: 2 km, 4 km, 6 km, 8 km & 10 km Difficulty: Novice
The Yellow 10km Challenge route is our suggested route for all first time hikers @ Van Gaalen. Our easiest and most well marked trail covered with a canopy of trees and an abundance of reed tunnels and bridges, fun for the whole family.
5km of the trail is pram friendly.

River Trail

Distance: 12 km Difficulty: Novice/Intermediate The River Trail forms a loop with plenty of shade along the Magalies River and is the ideal route to develop your mountain biking skills. With sporting forests, pecan nut plantations, farmlands and long reed tunnels with exceptional flow, this route is perfect for a family looking to be active outdoors.


Greek Church

Distance: 10 km/20 km combined with River Trail Difficulty: Intermediate With a 138 m elevation, Greek Church is a popular route for people looking for more distance and relatively easy climbing. The Greek Church built in 1952 overlooks the Skeerpoort Valley and the Hartbeespoort Dam. With steel bridges, a red route on the descent and steep and short bursts of ups and downs in areas, this route is not without its challenges and sure will keep you on your toes.

Railway & Pomphuis

Distance: 10 km Difficulty: Novice/Intermediate The Railway serves as the highway for the trails linking all the loops together. Pomphuis is a 4.3 km loop with 83 m elevation. It also has the mine shaft red route for those looking to do some extra climbing.

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Concrete Hill & Tannie Miems

Distance: 10km Difficulty: Advanced With 110 m of elevation over 1.7 km, the Concrete Hill climb is a beast. A great climbing ability test for those looking to tackle big races. Tannie Miems offers a technical descent with rocky drops and shaded single track, as well as a cross country-style rocky river section. This whole route won’t disappoint for riders looking for the tough stuff.

Poffadder, Revenge & Daggapad

Distance: 5 km Difficulty: Advanced It may only be 5 km, but for those looking for a very real challenge, Pofadder and Revenge, both red routes and virtually impossible to climb out, offers some of the best rocky switch back descending for any enduro or downhill enthusiast.

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Annual Trail Membership Application

Apply here for a yearly trail membership.

MTB Year permit - R1400.00
Trailrunning/Hiking year permit - R900.00
Family Trail Package - R2000.00
(permit duration is 12 Months)
Sign up & Pay @ the Cheese Shop and get your buff. A membership gains you access to the trails 7 days a week and also extends to Vergenoeg Nature Reserve's Trails aswell.

Thanks for submitting!

Van Gaalen Trails: Sales Lead
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